We are a community of caring, welcoming, imperfect people who seek to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.  Through our words and actions we share God’s love for the world – one person at a time.  At Good Shepherd your faith will be both nurtured and challenged. We invite you to drop in and allow Jesus, our Good Shepherd, to feed your spirit as you connect with God and others of this community of faith.  You are safe here. We look forward to meeting you!


Psalm 118:24: “This is the DAY that the LORD has made, we will REJOICE and be GLAD in it” may be a hard word of scripture to hear today.  We are only too aware of the impact of the Corona Virus (also known as Covid-19)  on the world, our country, our loved ones, and ourselves.

The recurring question for all of us is whether we have done enough, have done too little, or have done too much to prevent further outbreak of the virus.  These questions will continue to play in our minds for the days and weeks ahead.  Yet as the Psalmist reminds, we are to come to the Lord with joyful hearts, ready to sing.

We are to dare to lift our hearts – hearts filled of praise, broken hearts, hearts filled with disappointment, hearts of doubt and fear, hearts bursting with uncertainty.

We dare to lift our prayers – for those struggling with what is going on; for healthcare workers as they work tirelessly to provide needed care for patients but also for themselves;  for leaders as they seek the best possible solutions in moving forward with the safety and well being of all people; for business owners struggling to safeguard their employees while serving the public and attempting to maintain a cash flow;  for our church as we ponder how to best serve our community during this frightening time as well as live into the uncertainty of what closed sanctuary doors will mean for the financial stability of the congregation.

Dear church, we turn to the Lord and we listen.  Listen as God reminds us we are not alone in these times where there is uncertainty.  We listen as God gives us the guidance to move forward, and we listen as God calls us to seek and care for our neighbors and our world.

At the present time, all worship services, Sunday school, Bible studies, meetings, meals and activities are cancelled until further notice.  The church building is NOT accessible at this time.  For both emergency and non-emergency pastoral care, please call, text, email, our pastor, Ruth Kocha Jensen, AT ANY TIME.  She is on call 24/7 for the duration of this pandemic.  Her email:  therutheran@gmail.com ;  Mobile:  814-915-3509.

May our gracious LORD who gives us this day, continue to show us grace, mercy and peace.

WORSHIP prior to the Coronavirus Pandemic

8:15 am     Casual Worship with Holy Communion

9:00 am     Education Hour

10:00 am   Traditional Worship with Holy Communion